Does upgrading my WIKINDX to a later version lose any database data?

With one exception (see below), no. Untarring or unzipping a new release can safely be done over a previous version without fear of losing any data in your database. Any files in the install directory that are a part of the release package will be replaced; any files in the install directory that are not a part of the release package will be left unchanged. You may like to take a note of your config.php file settings – you should transfer settings to a new config.php file based on the supplied config.php.dist file as upgrades might add new settings that need to be part of config.php for proper operation of WIKINDX. From time to time, new WIKINDX releases may upgrade the underlying database structure (to account for new features) and this takes place the first time the new release is run and will not affect the stored data at all. Naturally, we strongly recommend, as with any digital data, that you initiate a database backup regime. The one exception noted above is when you upgrade WIKINDX by placing the program files in another directory, pointing config.php to your existing database. If you have any attachments from the old directory that are not in the new attachments/ directory, any references to those attachments in the database will be removed – the upgrade checks for the existence of attachments and will remove what it thinks are redundant data. If you do not wish this to occur, copy attachments across to the new attachments/ directory BEFORE running the new WIKINDX and initiating the database upgrade process. As always, back up your existing database first so you can restore it if need be. 原文: 备份数据库和程序文件(含附件)。对照旧的 config.php 文件,设置相关参数,然后升级。 升级之前,您应确保Wikindx3或Wikindx4中的所有附件都已复制到新的Wikindx / attachments /文件夹中-如果附件文件在新位置中不存在,升级过程将删除对数据库中附件的引用。 升级过程中需要给config.php的Users用户可写权限,不然会报错。